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"Sketchbook." Bellevue Gallery, Bloomington, July 7- Aug. 19, 2006. One painting exhibited.
"Winter Celebration." Bellevue Gallery. Dec. 2, 2005-Jan. 7, 2006. Two paintings.
"Literary Inspirations." Bellevue Gallery. Jan. 14 - Feb. 26, 2005.
"Winters Eve." Bellevue Gallery. Dec. 5-21, 2004. One painting.
"Visual Jam." Bellevue Gallery. Sept. 3-Oct. 30, 2004. Two paintings.
"Color Inspirations, Group Show." Bellevue Gallery. July 2-Aug. 28, 2004. Two paintings.
"Art Libraries Society of North America Members' Exhibition." Queens College Art Center, Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library, Flushing, N.Y. April 15-July 15, 2004. Two paintings.
supported in part by ARLIS/NA and Graduate Studies, Queens College.
"Winters Eve". Bellevue Gallery, Dec. 5-21, 2003. Two paintings.
"Blooming Views". Bellevue Gallery, Aug. 15-Sept. 27, 2003.
Curator, "The Chinese Brush". Bellevue Gallery, May 9-June 27, 2003.
Three ink paintings exhibited.
"Holiday Show". Bellevue Gallery, Nov. 8-Jan. 4, 2003.
"Dance of Cultures". Bellevue Gallery, Sept. 20-Oct. 26, 2002.
"Fruits of Summer". Bellevue Gallery, July 12-Aug. 30, 2002.
"Bellevue Goes Classical". Bellevue Gallery. Feb. 8-March 24, 2002.
"Members' Show." Bellevue Gallery. Dec. 7, 2001-Jan. 31, 2002.
Two ink paintings exhibited: "Orchids in Spring" and "Wisteria in Beidaihe".
"Opening Exhibition." Artists' Row Gallery, Bloomington, June 22, 2001. Two ink paintings exhibited.
"Natural Acts." Bellevue Gallery. May 4-25, 2001. One ink painting exhibited: "Food is Elusive" [reproduced in Bloomington Independent May 3, 2001, page17].
Co-Curator with Amos P. Kennedy, Jr. [Graphic Design Assistant Professor, School of Fine Arts, Indiana University]. "Artists Making Books. An Exhibition of Books by Indiana Artists." Bellevue Gallery. Nov. 3-25, 2000.
Co-Curator with Amos P. Kennedy, Jr., "Artists Making Books. An Exhibition of Books Made by Bloomington Area Artists." Bellevue Gallery. Feb. 19-March 27, 1999.
"Insiders: Works by ARLIS/NA and VRA Members." ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, University of the Arts, Hamilton Hall. Philadelphia, PA, March 6-11, 1998. One ink painting exhibited.
"Students of Zhiyuan Cong." [Painting exhibition] Flashlight Gallery, John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington. Sept. 25-Nov. 15, 1992. Three paintings exhibited.



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